Priszcilla Varnagyl

Priszcilla Varnagy

Agile Innovation Specialist, CEO Be-novative, winner of Global Impact Challenge

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The Innovator’s DNA: Inspired by Fortune’s most innovative companies
How to build creative confidence through innovation in times of uncertainty
How to use Collective Intelligence where AI and humans are working together
The future of work in a distributed world. Remote engagement and collaboration techniques
How to drive everyday innovation with Design Thinking and Agile Innovation – based on habits of Fortune’s most innovative companies


The skills, activities and processes that we need to build new businesses or products with a positive impact. Applying Harvard research on the Innovator’s DNA and the conclusions of Geoff Mulgan on designing for Collective Intelligence we will find the answers for this question: How can we make better innovation decisions in the future? The leaders of the future will be coaches of the organization whose main objective is to make the collaborators grow so that the we can unleash the full potential of our business and product. Empowering everyone in the organization means to let them find new opportunities through observation, asking important questions, analyzing massive data and pointing to problems worth solving. We need to visualize connections between any ideas, insights and learning through validation and predicted impact to make better innovation decisions. We need to prepare for the abundant future where our vision, empathy, values and questions will be needed more than ever. 

How can individuals and organizations build creativity and innovation skills while they also prepare to cope with high uncertainty? How to drive creative results and strengthen creative self-confidence? In this session we will go through lessons from the most innovative business leaders, CEOs or founders of the 21st-century to analyze how they have built their skillls and what we can learn from that. How can any of us practice and build their creative skills? How to engage and align everyone with an abundant mindset and adopt a process that makes creative problem solving and continuous innovation thrive? 

How machines and human intelligence can work together to build a better future? What are the points for collaboration and what is the role of us, humans? In an exponentially growing world, our responsibility is in combining human and machine intelligence to solve global grand challenges and shape the world the way we want to see it. If AI will be smarter than all humans together, we desperately need to build collective intelligence to keep pace with AI. We need to leverage its capabilities to make the innovation decisions that will drive us towards the future that will be significantly better for us. AI and machines are best at: Image recognition, Pattern recognition, Prediction and Creating virtual reality. So AI is capable of taking over the repetitive, simple and time-consuming tasks to leave time for humans for the complex cases and important questions. In the future, humans need to remain responsible for: Ethics and values, Vision of the future, Empathy and relationships, Discovery activities and Asking the right questions. How can we make sure we strengthen the right skills and keep humans and machines in the roles they are best at and create a better future together? 

How can a company attract and engage future talent and work in a remote setting? How can we facilitate more collaboration and involving people in co-creation and innovation? You will find practical tips and best practices you can implement to bring everyone together and foster a creative culture even in a distributed world. 

Analysing over 60 of the latest Fortune2000 innovation success stories, here are the success factors of how the most used innovation techniques work globally. When to use design thinking, agile methods or rapid prototyping techniques? What are their differences and similarities? How to drive outstanding results with them? With this workshop you can learn using the following methods in a nutshell: agile, design thinking, user persona creation, empathy map, value proposition creation, users journey, rapid prototyping and validation. These methods will help you develop products and services people want and will stand out on the market. 

Bio note

Pris is the founder and CEO of Be-novative, creativity and innovation expert supported more than 70 Fortune500 Enterprises in their innovation activites and processes on 6 continents. With a psychology master’s degree, Pris researched for 8 years how to enhance both individual and group creativity. Pris is the winner of Singularity University’s first Global Impact Competition in the CEE region in 2012, The Next Web’s Innovation Challenge, TechMatch Europe Silicon Valley and Morgan Stanley CTO Summits. As an entrepreneur, she was recognized by Forbes 30under30. Pris graduated as a psychologist in 2009 from the University of Budapest and University of Copenhagen. She wrote several articles about the future of innovation processes and why collective creativity will strengthen our self-esteem and how it drives a happier and higher quality life. Pris is also a graduate of Singularity University where she directly learned Design Thinking from Ideo and Stanford D School, and lean startup from Eric Ries and the Lean Startup Machine. Be-novative is an SU Labs company, with partners like and Spencer Stewart. Pris received 500,000 EUR grant from the European Commission to implement her Open Innovation project and teach her innovation courses in 8 countries in Europe. She has supported the OECD to involve thousands of people in designing more inclusive societies. Pris is not only responsible for strategy, product-management and business development, but she develops innovation programs involving design thinking methods to train creative skills and design new features in Be-novative with a holistic approach using Design Thinking and Agile Innovation every day.


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