Jowita Michalska

Jowita Michalska

Founder&CEO of Digital University, Singularity University Warsaw Chapter Ambassador

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Speaking topics

Longevity & robots in a workplace – how to survive the digital revolution.
Metatrends that will shape our future and disrupt our business (2020-2030).
Competencies for the future – what can I do to become antifragile in the digital age


Do we really have a revolution? Many people ask about it because they haven’t seen any significant changes in their daily lives yet. They go to work in the same place, they do shopping in the same market they did for years and they spend their free time in the same way they used to. And yet the world is changing at an exponential pace. Many experts believe that technology will never develop so slow as it does today. Many also say that you cannot stop the revolution and you should better adapt to it and became a tech-friendly person because that’s the only vision ahead of us. Is future uncertain? Ray Kurzweil – the most important futurologist in the world, whose predictions reaches the 86% level of effectiveness, shares his forecast on new technologies and their impact on the world in the next 20 years. Drones, robots, virtual reality, longevity, and omniscient AI – those are the things we’ll meet in the future So what’s now? Since there’s already a robot which is able to serve 2000 meals, an AI-lawyer, autonomous truck, and Alexa, where is the place for humans and how should they prepare for a new reality. Should we all learn how to code? Definitely not, but the way we leave and work will change dramatically and we should know how to embrace those changes. The speech prepared by Jowita Michalska in the spirit of storytelling will touch all the issues mentioned above as well as present specific people known as “future-proof”. Jowita is the founder of Digital University and Singularity University, ambassador.

In the new decade, waves of exponential technologies will change the world as we know it, and shape it in completely different way in scale and impact. At Singularity University we detected several Metatrends that will revolutionize entire industries and redefine our businesses, the way we work and the way we live. Entrepreneurs, c-level managers, directors and their teams should see the world from the broader perspective especially in the area of new technologies and notice business opportunities before their competitors do. Among these metatrends are cellular agriculture, digital biology (CRISPR and gene editing), on-demanda production and on-demand delivery, sensors, VR and Spatial Web, renewable energy to name just a few. Welcome to a new decade of runaway technological booms, historic watershed moments, and extraordinary abundance.

In the future of work, there will be greater demand for people who understand technology and are able to work with it, but at the same time there will be demand for competences that diverse us from the machines – soft skills like empathy, critical thinking and creativity. The cumulative impact of these forces demands a new mindset and competences for leaders to be able to stay relevant and make a difference in business. In this talk I will share all the current knowledge in this field as well as tips and hints how and what to learn and how to stay relevant in this fast changing world. 


Much of our current organizational paradigm is defined by the early models of industrial capitalism, in which human beings were stripped of their complexity and utilized for their basic labour skills to meet rising consumer demands via increased factory output. Efficiency and productivity were the hallmarks of industrial capitalism, motivated by a fear of competition and an aggressive drive towards growth and market dominance. Since then, the predominant metaphor for an organization has been ‘the machine’. The organization-as-a-machine mentality has justified success at all costs, leading to economic prosperity for some, often at the cost of ethics, human happiness, and social and environmental awareness. This talk offers an alternative template for organizational success by drawing on Eastern philosophy and research in the field of contemplative science. In this talk, Anahita highlights the positive potential of organizations by first identifying the obstacles and dysfunctions that hinder organizational success at individual, interpersonal and organizational levels. Anahita examines the notion of an organization as a living system with a mind of its own; namely, its culture. She invites the audience to identify the attributes of an organization that is awakening to its positive potential, along with the impact it can have on its members and the world at large. With this talk, the audience will receive a provocative template for organizational success and practical instructions on how to foster bottom-up transformation by continuously shaping the mind of an organization. Anahita will offer a new definition of success, inspired by a world view that sees phenomena as interdependent, happiness as a key ingredient for sustainable success, and leadership as a responsibility towards increased awareness, ethics and social transformation. The audience will receive takeaways on how to harness the latent potential of organizations and leaders as forces for social and environmental transformation, while cultivating positive cultures internally and achieving bottom-line success.  

Bio note

Her life mission is to arm Polish market with the necessary digital competences. She has founded Digital University, an organization, that works with leading global universities such as MIT, Harvard Business School, University of Vienna, Stanford University and NYU Stern. Its mission is to educate people in the field of new technologies and create leaders of tomorrow. Jowita organizes and runs educational programs, training sessions and events for the management teams. She is also a Polish ambassador of Singularity University – an educational think-tank from Silicon Valley, which prepares global leaders and organizations for the future. For years, she has been watching technological and social trends and talking about how our world and business will change in the next 10-20 years. Jowita speaks at Polish and international conferences and conducts educational programs on technological trends for companies and universities. She’s passionate about topics such as: future trends, future of work, including workforce and workplace, automation, future of transportation, Artificial Intelligence, Longevity and the Future of medicine, Future competences, Future of education and lifelong learning. Jowita has over 20 years of experience in corporate business, which she gained while working in key positions in large and well-known organizations, including Polkomtel, PGE or Deloitte.


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