Emin Aliev

In his speaking engagements, Emin serves as a source of highly actionable inspiration on all things Metaverse for large corporations, mid-size businesses, and start-ups alike. 

He is a Metaverse and Digital Transformation expert with over 20 years of leading digital companies, projects and teams in Europe and the U.S.   

In his speaker/educator capacity, Emin helps companies of all sizes create their Metaverse strategy through a series of foresight-sessions, workshops and other types of speaking engagements. 

As a digital leader and a life-time learner, he is devoted to constantly finding new ways to keep his audiences completely immersed in the subject and entertained at the same time.  

Currently, Emin works for Meta Platforms, where he is responsible for buidling strategic partnerships between Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp and some of CEE’s largest digital ecosystems.   

Prior to Meta, Emin served as a regional Managing Director for Criteo, a global Commerce Media Platform, and helped build its Russia/CIS/Israel operation into the strongest player in the region.   

Prior to that, he had held multiple senior roles, from corporate management to sales and team leadership, across a range of digital companies on both sides of the Atlantic. 


  1. Metaverse Strategy and Execution

The global metaverse market is forecast to reach $5 trillion by 2030. 

Yet, for most companies, the Metaverse remains a Pandora’s box of risks and opportunities to be unlocked. 

And most traditional businesses lack the right resources to start building their approach. 

In this keynote, Emin  answers three main questions that every company should ask about the Metaverse potential and it's pitfalls.  

He lays out a simple and actionable framework for drafting a winning Metaverse strategy, a universal approach that works for most industries and verticals.

  1. Digital Leadership in Uncertain Times

With global economic outlook heading south, most businesses are forced to cut non-essential costs and optimize resources. And, when it comes to key digital technologies, the difference between the ones that are embraced and ones that are put on hold can be a matter of life or death.  

Which digital technologies should a company embrace to sustain the downturn? 

And what are the best ways to attract, grow and retain digital leaders to ensure continuity and success?  

Having worked through 20+ years of economic downturns and successful rebounds, in this keynote Emin shares his views and ideas on choosing winning technologies that help emerge ahead of the curve once a recession is over. He also shares his system for growing digital leaders and building strong culture of digital innovation in different business environments.

  1. Resilient Marketing. Thriving in the Downturn.

As global economy cools down, it becomes crucial for marketing leaders everywhere to switch to “resilient marketing” mode. 

What parts of marketing budgets should be cut, and which to ones are to grow?  

How to optimize the marketing mix, and for how long?  

What is the best way to support user acquisition growth while retaining brand equity in the downturn, and with limited resources?  

How should the marketing org structure be changed? And what about the processes? 

In this keynote, Emin shares his insights on how to reinforce company’s marketing vertical for resilience and growth during a recession.   

The talk covers three key area: - marketing mix, team, and processes. Audience walks away with actionable plan for marketing reinforcement in a downturn.


Metaverse, Digital Transformation and Digital Leadership Expert
Area of Expertise: 
Metaverse, Digital Transformation, Digital Marketing

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