Diego Soroa

Diego Soroa

Executive Coach for Exponential Transformation, Head Coach & Online Master Trainer
at Exponential Organisations, Fouder of 4 Startups

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Speaking topics

The Exponential Transformation. New Challenges for the 4th industrial revolution
The Exponential Mindset/The Exponential Leader
On Disruption: Where will Disruption come from?
New Innovation Methodologies and tools for the 4th industrial revolution
Applying the ExO Attributes
Protocols for the Exponential Transformation
Thinking Out of the Moat. Anticipating disruption to our business
From AEDI to IDEA: A Shortcut for Disruptive ideation
The Jeopardy, Finding the Right Questions
The Exponential Framework. The Exo Tools and the 10 weeks Exo Sprint
Hacking Serendipity; Rewiring Organisations for Collective Intelligence


Digitization boosted efficiency and dropped the costs of demand, but now the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the exponential technologies are bringing new challenges beyond digitization; Looking at AirB&B or Uber, they have managed to drop the costs of supply too. That new logic, the abundance is changing everything, from the company’s purposes, to the problem spaces, your challenges,, your competitors. Your current understanding of your business and industry might be obsolete, and most likely you have not updated your tools just yet. The changes out there might be faster than the changes inside your organization. During this session we will reassess all your fundamental assumptions with specific examples and case studies proposing updated, relevant responses to learn from.

Companies stall because the things they believe the longest and the deepest are no longer valid. Changing the answers is evolutionary, changing the questions is revolutionary, but changing the assumptions is disruptive. Perspective shift is much more powerful than hard work and resources. This session is about identifying our business core assumptions and revisiting them through the lens of disruption, abundance, exponential change.

What is Disruption and w here will Disruption come from? How organizations can systematically monitor and guard against sources of potential disruption? Disruption is an evolving concept When Clayton Christensen introduced the concept, disruption came from new startups serving the needs of unattended customers at the bottom of the industry. But then new research suggested disruption would most likely come from the side, from the lateral collisions with companies in adjacent sectors. The reality remains that disruption will surprise and will hit hard. During this session we will unveil a series of frameworks and exercises to understand and anticipate where our company’s disruption will come from.

Any company designed for success in the 20th century is doomed to failure in the 21st” (David S. Rose). Update the role of corporate leadership. A leader’s perspective limits companies. The perspective shift will unlock much more power than intelligence will. How are leaders promoting the grand perspective shift in their organizations?

  •  The exponential transformation 
  • The perspective shift and The disruption mindset. 
  • A purpose-driven mindset. 
  • A people empowerment mindset 
  • An experimentation mindset 
Bio note

Architect, entrepreneur, a strategic coach based in the Madrid region, Spain—Diego Soroa is passionate about helping organizations throughout the exponential transformation. He is an internationally celebrated Keynote Speaker and an Adjunct Professor at IE Business School in Spain a Singularity University Ambassador and one of the most prominent figures of the ExO Exponential Organizations Movement. In 2006, Diego founded Cuantics Lab, an initiative that would earn him the “Entrepreneur of the Year” award from the city of Bilbao, Spain. Starting in 2009, Diego and his team took one of Cuantics core creations, the “Serendipity Methodology,” and began to develop what would eventually serve as the foundations for RISE, a methodology-based platform for “hacking serendipity” in distributed ecosystems. Following its launch, RISE was named the winner of Singularity University’s 2013 Global Impact Challenged, which afforded Diego the opportunity to attend Singularity University’s 2013 Global Studies Program. He then founded Rise. Works, his second startup. Following his matriculation from Singularity University (SU), In 2015 he expanded his affiliation to Singularity University taking on the role of Singularity University Chapter Ambassador. He then became an organizer of the same Global Impact Challenge that served as his gateway to the Singularity experience. With the help of a few fellow entrepreneurs and SU alumni, Diego launched a non-profit organization “Exponential Euskadi” to promote the exponential mindset amongst leaders and entrepreneurs in his home region. Diego joined the ExO Movement at its foundation, back in 2013, along with some 80 disruptive entrepreneurs and innovators from Singularity. Since he has been a very active member of the ExO Ecosystem He was part of the foundational ExO Movement and has been recognized as a certified ExO Speaker, Advisor, Instructor, Coach, Head Coach, and Disruptor. He has worked repeatedly with HP, Banco Santander, Ferrovial, Facebook, Accenture, Boston Scientific, Visa, Ikea, Maersk, among other international companies and most recently he has become OpenExo Certification Master, assuming the strategic direction and training of all new Certified ExO Coaches. Diego’s passion for exponential transformation has also influenced his work as an architect. He has channeled his architectural energies towards revolutionizing and reimagining the future of work by way of the spaces where it takes place. Like many of the ExO initiatives that he has been involved in, Diego’s architecture projects have gained international recognition thanks to their unique ability to leverage.


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