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Piotr Wojciechowski

CEO & Founder FUZERS

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Customer Experience praktycznie

The foundation of Service Design

How to become a customer-centric organization
Customer Experience (CX) and Emotional Experience (EX) as the next big things for businesses
Customer Journey Mapping in an omnichannel world 
Trends in Customer Experience and Service Design
Co-creation with customers – powerful tool for business 


In the Service Design process you will gain a solid understanding of your customers, their motivations and needs. This will help you move from “we think customers need this” to “we have evidence that they do”. This is the first step to build a real competitive advantage. Start building it today. 


What can you do to build and foster a culture where the customer and their needs and experience come first? In my experience, there are 5 stages that a company goes through in its “cultural journey” towards putting the customer at the center. Check which one you are on and see what you should pay attention to at each of them. 

Customer experience is becoming a new field for businesses to compete in. According to the Adobe Digital Trends Report 2019, CX is seen by companies as the area that matters most in business development. But what exactly is this customer experience and what does emotion have to do with it? In this presentation, I’ll show you what CX is and how and why you should work harder with customer emotions. 

This is a story about what the Customer Journey is. But also about how to create it, what to pay attention to, what to avoid and when you want to implement this tool in your organization. It’s also a story about how Customer Journey will help you better understand your customer’s perspective and needs. And why that understanding is crucial for organizations that want to grow business based on better CX. 

Trends do not provide clear answers, but undoubtedly, working with them creates a space for a conversation about how our organization and business can operate in the future. During this presentation, I will talk about how to distinguish a trend from a fad or hype and what are the signals of change and how to analyze them in the process of working on a better Customer Experience. In addition, I will share a few of the most interesting, in my opinion, trends in the area of CX and SD. 

The idea of co-creation is based on involving customers and internal and external stakeholders in the process of creating a given product or service from the very beginning. This approach stands in contrast to the classic model, in which an organization creates a new product on its own and then announces it to the world. And the world usually does not buy it willingly. But it is possible to change this by opening up to co-creation with customers. I will tell you how it works, why it is still worth it and how to start actually doing it. 

Bio note

Founder of FUZERS (2015), one of the first service and experience design agencies in Poland. He worked with clients such as IKEA, mBank, PKO BP, ING, Grupa Pracuj, Rossmann. 

He is also a co-founder of the Polish branch of the Service Design Network – an international network that supports the education and integration of service designers in Poland. Piotr is an accredited trainer of Service Design at the highest Master level and the initiator (2013) of the one of the largest TEDx conferences in Poland – TEDxLublin. 

Graduate of Psychology in Management at Kozminski University in Warsaw, SET Group Business Coach School and a student of Facilitators School at the Jagiellonian University. 

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