Uri Eliabayev

Uri Eliabayev

AI Consultant, Machine and Deep Learning Specialist, Product Manager, Community Manager 

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Speaking topics

Mapping the various artificial intelligence players in Israel.  
Presenting the international companies operating in Israel in the field of AI. 
Presenting the leading universities in the field and their field of expertise. 
Revealing the use of the IDF and the Ministry of Defense in AI capabilities. 
Exploring the local community and the various initiatives in the field. 
Natural language processing technologies and capabilities. 


Israel, after the United States and China, is one of the world’s great powers in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) with a wide range of cutting-edge research and companies working on AI products or services. Alongside that, In recent years Israel has become the home of many AI-related startups that push the capabilities of learning algorithms to new edges. At the same time, Israel has become a key player for international companies that opening up dedicated AI development centers, using the high-quality workforce in the country. In this lecture, I will review the artificial intelligence ecosystem in Israel and introduce the main players in it. We will learn about which startups operate in the field, about the top of the line universities and even which units in the military use AI technology.

AI is everywhere. We get it. But still, many managers (Non-techy) can’t understand how they can harvest the enormous leap we did in the field of Machine Learning to their own companies or organization. To help more people ( Investors , Product managers, Biz Dev, Marketing, Sales, and more ),I have built a special lecture that will give you the whole picture when thinking about adding some AI capabilities to your product/service. In this lecture, you will learn the basics terms of AI, you will be introduced to all the latest technologies in the field, and finally, you will examine real use cases from global brands that used AI as part of their strategy.

Bio note

Uri is consulting companies that want to add AI capabilities to their services\products. Uri is working with big organizations and helps them to choose and implement the best AI solution for their needs. In addition, Uri has founded the biggest AI community in Israel called “Machine and Deep Learning Israel”. The community has more than 17,000 members who are the leading AI talents in Israel.  Moreover, Uri is part of the national committees (Held by Prof. Eviatar Matania and Prof.Isaac Ben Israel)  which are responsible for establishing the Israeli strategy in the field of AI. Alongside that, Uri is a member of the INSS committee which examines AI in national security aspects.


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