Oleg Brodt

R&D Director for Deutsche Telekom
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Exponential Technologies, Cybersecurity & Trust
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  • The Future of Cyber Security in the Age of Digital Transformation 

Artificial intelligence (AI) and Cyber Security are two of the hottest topics in industry and academia today with a huge impact on our daily life. While AI R&D focuses on enhancements of algorithms, methods, and tools in order to support a variety of applications, such as automatic personal assistant and autonomous driving, R&D in the cyber security domain focuses on improving existing security solutions given new challenges in the attack landscape such as advanced and targeted attacks, ransomware, and attacks on cloud services. Recently, there is an increased number of intersections between these two fields, and the goal of this presentation is to discuss AI’s role in cyber security now and in the future. In this talk, three topics will be addressed: AI in the hands of attackers, AI in the hands of defenders, and Adversarial AI, an emerging research topic in which attackers try to hack AI based systems.  

In this talk, Mo Gawdat offers solid research on how happiness affects productivity and performance at work, the difference between employee happiness vs. satisfaction, and how managers and HR managers can build an environment that promotes employee happiness based on his international bestseller – Solve for Happy – and his 11 years of experience as a Google executive.  

At the end of the talk, the attendees will be left with a much clearer understanding of the value employee happiness brings to company performance and the clear steps to take in order to create a work environment that promotes happiness.  

In his One Billion Happy talk, Mo Gawdat openly discusses – through the lens of a former executive at Google [X] – the current rate of advancement of technology and the expected technological innovation that will follow in the next 10 to 20 years. The talk will openly address the ethical question this impending science fiction-like reality will bring. Mo uses the insight gained from his nearly 30 year career across the world’s major tech companies to offer unexpected yet agreeable solutions to ensure the continued success (and survival) of humanity in this brand-new world.  

At the end of this talk the audience will be given a unique, accurate insider’s view of the incredible wave approaching so they may clearly understand the role each of us has to play to ensure our success as it materializes. 

Big note

Oleg serves as the R&D Director of Deutsche Telekom Innovation Labs Israel, focusing on future technologies in the fields of Cyber Security and Artificial Intelligence; as well as the Chief Innovation Officer for Cyber@BGU – an umbrella organization responsible for all cyber security related research and industrial collaborations at the Ben Gurion University, Beer-Sheva, Israel (Israel’s Cyber Capital).  Prior to joining DT Labs and Cyber@BGU, Oleg acted as an attorneyspecializing in Hi-Tech, and represented a broad spectrum of local and international clientsincluding individual and institutional investorsVCs and long list of start-ups and Hi-Tech companiesamong many others. In this capacity, Oleg still serves as a member of the Hi-Tech committee of the Israeli Bar Association 

Before practicing law, Oleg served in various management positions for leading Hi-Tech companieswhere he gained in-depth experience in both technological and business matters. He was also a member of the ‘Nova Project’, a country-wide organization providing strategic management consulting for non-profits in Israel.   Oleg gained substantial technological training at an elite Israeli military Hi-Tech unit, where he served as a team leader. For his pre-military training, Oleg participated in a 2-year practical engineering (PE) studies program, focusing on networks, computer communications, software and microelectronics.  In addition, Oleg holds both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in international business law as well as a degree in business and management, all with honors, from the Inter-Disciplinary Center (IDC) Herzliya, Israel. 

Oleg serves as a mentor to various start-ups and as a mentor in various technological programsincubators and acceleratorsincluding – among others – the Technion DRIVE accelerator and Ben-Gurion University Inno-Negev accelerator Also, Oleg teaches the “Legal Aspect of Entrepreneurship” course at Ben-Gurion University (for both the MBA program and the Engineering Faculty), and is a frequent speaker in various high-profile international events. 

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