Kamila Stępniowska

Founder at Automation & Education
Area of Expertise:
Artificial Intelligence, Data Science / Big Data, Life-long learning, Big Data Analysis , Deep Learning
English, Polish,
Travel from:
Warsaw, Poland
Speaking topics
  • Do you really need AI? – statistics, machine learning & deep learning in large organizations 
  • AI and the future of workflow 
  • Data driven organization – promises and reality 
  • How to fulfill skills gap in a large organization 
  • Soft skills in a software based organization 
  • HRs – as the internal education programs provider 
  • Pro-innovation work culture 
  • Business Development 
  • Customer Satisfaction as the key value in quality based selling 
  • Strategy of growth for a new technologies based business 



Data science, machine learning, deep learning, are no longer a base to create a competitive advantage. Those technologies become the “must-have” solutions for industries such as e-commerce, automobile, manufacturing or sales. Let’s see how “AI” is being used in your industry. What is the state of the art and real possibilities to be unlocked in your products or services? 

Which jobs are going to be done by AI software and robots? What kind of new jobs will rise? What kind of skill set your company should be looking for to adjust to the digital reality? During this talk, you will learn a basic strategy that might be used by the HR team to define crucial opportunities provided by AI and automation. 

For a modern company, being recognized as a data-driven organization is one of the important criteria for success. During the talk, you will be introduced to the main checkpoints and basic strategies used in a data driven organization. I will cover topics such as data that you have already, new data – collection, data storage, data use on an everyday basis, data interpretation (“magic”/ manipulation/useful information), data-driven decisions, decision-makers. 

Re-skilling and up-skilling of the existing employees is one of the most efficient and cheapest methods of fulfilling the skills gap. How to create and implement highly effective re-skilling and up-skilling programs? What are the other methods to provide your company with just the right pool of the skill sets? 

Chief Happiness Officer, or Director of Attracting Talent – those are the positions currently used to name a Hear of HR in the tech bubble. It’s diagnostic. When it comes to highly qualified specialists, we can definitely speak about the employee market. The change is visible in every-day benefits (gym membership, extra healthcare, chocolate Tuesdays) as well as long term benefits – education. Internal learning programs become an important attractors for high-class talents and the reason to stay in a company, longer. During this talk, you will be guided on how to build a flexible, long term educational program (re-skilling, up-skilling) for your crucial types of employees. 

For quality based selling, customer experience is a part of the sales value. The customer is buying a premium product as well as a premium experience. The rule applies both in B2C and as well as B2B. The emotions and feelings experienced by the customer are equally important as the product itself. During the talk, I will introduce you to good practices in contact with a customer and state of the art practices in customer satisfaction measurement. 

Big note

Kamila Stępniowska guides companies to apply AI and new technologies into products and organizational culture. With the experience of working with organizations such as Intel, Loreal, United Nations, as well as leading international expansion of Geek Girls Carrots, she combines knowledge and leadership skills to support companies in their digital transformation paths. After almost a decade working with new technologies her experience includes project management, community building, training development, business development, marketing, and business strategy building. She also collaborates with a global Python communities (PyDataPyConPyDays) and other programmers’ communities. As she lived and worked in both EU and the US she has a deep understanding of cultural differences in business and adaptation strategies. As the founder of Ginger Tech consulting, and Automation & Education community, she is just the right person to provide guidance in AI, new technologies, business strategy and education projects. 



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