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Markus F. Peschl

Markus Peschl is Professor of Cognitive Science and Philosophy of Science at the University of Vienna. His research is driven by the question how novelty and innovation come into the world. He focuses on the interdisciplinary fields of innovation, knowledge, organizational change, cognition and the design of so-called “Enabling Spaces,” i.e. spaces for the generation of new knowledge and innovations. He is co-founder of The Living Core, where he serves as chief scientific officer; in this capacity, he brings leading-edge research directly to the clients and has many years of international experience in consulting projects. Markus Peschl has published more than 140 articles and six books.

Speaking Topics:

  • Innovation
  • Future-Readyness
  • Future-Oriented Innovation
  • Organizational Design
  • Agile Work Environments
  • Skills and Mindsets of the Future
  • Future of Education
  • Future of Work
  • Office Design
  • Enabling Spaces