Philip Vanhoutte

Philip Vanhoutte

Expert in Future of Work, Founder of Ozadi, Author of The Smarter Working Manifesto,
Chairman of the Advisory Board with Leesman, WorkEvohlution and Veldhoen+Company

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Speaking topics

Smarter and Distributed Working 
Self-Directed Careers 
Soundscaping and Nature at Work 
Human Dimensions of Organisations


Although smart organizations have adopted Distributed Working for decades, the majority had to be triggered by bad weather, terrorist attacks, financial crises or a pandemic. Working together when physically apart is far from natural and leading from a distance is much more demanding than one thinks. No worrries though: there is plenty of best practice to be gleaned from thought and practice leaders. As author of the Smarter Working Manifesto and lead advisor to the leading assessment, development and consulting companies Philip Vanhoutte is well placed to get you in the saddle. Topics on the menu: · Distributed Working has been around for 50 years, often boosted by crises · Turnaround Case Study of an out-of-date organization becoming an Award-Winning Benchmark · Foundations: Capturing and understanding Associate Needs and Trust based Culture · The Technical and Social Infrastructure components of Smarter Working · Create the Best Physical Workspace with Activity Based Working and Superb Acoustics to guarantee Focused Brainwork and Engaged Collaboration, blending in Nature indoors and outdoors · Beware of the Technology Pitfalls: Network Quality of Service, the Collaboration Software Tower of Babylon, Digital Addiction. · Crucial Disciplines for Working Together Apart: Workspace Portfolio Management, Acoustic Intelligence, Speech Impact and Distributed Leadership Competencies

Most of us never received proper guidance on the work part of our life. Parents, teachers, employers did not give us a life – let alone career – manual. The results are obvious: lack of engagement at work, in the wrong job, burnout, unemployment and higher income taxes to cope with the consequences. Until 2000 some corporations provided career paths, but that is largely gone now. So if you wait for someone to guide your career, you could be waiting forever. But no worries: sharper professionals are taking their career in own hands with Self-Directed Careers for their Human Realization. Philip Vanhoutte also had to learn his way through the career maze and discovered and applied the best in career planning himself over several decades. It helped him making well considered choices and a satisfying career followed. In 2017 he shared his approach on Self-Discovery, World-of-Work Discovery and Career Tour of Duty Transitions at a milestone South-by-Southwest workshop in Austin Texas. He will share his curious curation of the steps to take and pitfalls to avoid in his Self-Directed Career workshop.

Bad acoustics, especially human noise (speech) is the single biggest bugger in most workplaces around the world. For the simple reason that architects design for the eyes and not for the ears. But eyes can be closed, ears not ! With several decades of open plan landscape offices and ever denser desks (more people of less space) it’s virtually impossible for most people to really concentrate or do deep work. That’s because are reactive brains are trained to overhear others even if it’s irrelevant. But no worries, Soundscaping has been around for quite a while. The basics of Absorption, Blocking and Cover (noise masking) are well understood. The implementation is a bit harder as you need to understand what your professionals are doing to provide the portfolio of Concentration, Communication, Collaboration and Contemplation Spaces. But that`s only the physical part. You also need to groom your telecommunications acoustics, across headset, smartphone, PC, conferencing services to ensure your voice intelligibility is top. But the cherry on the cake is using the sounds of nature at work to boost curiosity, creativity, reduce stress and create a kinder, more generious work environment. So get ready to learn how biophilic engineering can bring you the sounds of water, wind and birds; not just outdoors but indoors.

Our education systems are the result of industrial overspecialization. We graduate in engineering, law, accouting and soon start an ambitious career. With a bit of luck and some years we then are promoted as primus inter pares (the best among peers) and get ‘lead the colleagues’. And that’s where things go wrong: most find themselves unprepared to lead humans as it was never part of the education curriculum. And NO: an MBA won’t get you that. We’ve already reached a point where poor people leadership is the single biggest contributor to job dissatisfaction and burnouts, so hurry up to learn about Human Dimensions of Organisations What you need is a good dive into all things human: ergonomics, psychology, sociology, anthropology, biophilia to name a few. Some of them have become fashionable in the past decade under soft skills and emotional intelligence or user-centric design of products and organisations. Philip Vanhoutte had the pleasure to enjoy the benefits of this approach is several smarter working make-overs. Working with health authorities, he concluded that Healthy and Joyful work is the foundation for Talent Blossoming and Retention. In his workshop you will learn his curation of Self-Determination Psychology, Activity Based Working, Acoustic Intelligence, Distributed Work Leadership and Biophilia to name a few.

Bio note

Leveraging a rewarding international career in the ITC industry, Philip’s passion for personal productivity tools and communication & collaboration solutions has morphed into a singular purpose: accelerating the realization of human potential.  He champions the adoption of Smarter Working: a holistic human centered socio-technical work design practice that unifies space, technology and people disciplines. Co-authored “The Smarter Working Manifesto”, a definitive guide on how to shape the best work style. Workplace Effectiveness Benchmarking, Activity Based Working, SoundScaping and Distributed Work Success are some of the innovations promoted in this field.  Philip stimulates Smarter Careers as catalyst for Human Realization, curating diverse tools into a cohesive framework for Self-Directed Career Management. As career veteran he advocates Deep Motivation Analysis, discovery and unleashing of Core Energy, Essence Mining for Meaning at Work and Career Fitness Profiling.  In his quest for Health & Joy at Work Philip learned that Nature Deficit Disorder has produced highest ever burnouts, work induced sickness and a struggling workforce. With the founding of Ozadi’s Nature@Work, there should never be just another day at the office. Philip graduated from the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven in Belgium with a combined Applied Economics and Engineering degree and a major in Marketing.  Started his career at Accenture Consulting, to proceed with key change management roles at Engie and Wang Laboratories. Published on Office Automation with Wolters Kluwers. Contributed to the merger of Nokia and Fujitsu Client-Server businesses leading to senior roles at Dell EMEA and the US. In the second part of his IT career Philip grew the MCI WorldCom International business, became Chief Marketing Officer at Sony-Ericsson Mobile Communications to finish his blue chip career as SrVP and MD of Plantronics (now Poly) Europe and Africa. Since the Financial Crisis of 2008, Philip has become a strong advocate of Agile Working with a passion for Human Dimensions of Organisations.  He’s known for his transformational projects in award-winning offices which are acoustic temples and benchmarks for the biophilic built environment.  He’s lead advisor at Leesman, Veldhoen+Company and Workevohulution and provided support to the founding of the Osservatorio Smart Working at the Politecnico di Milano. Philip has enjoyed working and living across Europe and North America and enjoys bringing together talent across the Atlantic as mentor and coach of startups. Frequent speaker at SXSW in Austin Texas on topics ranging from 21st century workaholism to biophilic work disciplines.


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