Monica Parker

Monica Parker

HR Expert, Founder of HATCH Analytics. Speaker, Author, Behavioural
Nerd & Status Quo Challenger Inspiring and Guiding Businesses Through Change

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Speaking topics

The Soft Revolution: Upskilling Our Humanity in an Age of AI
Changing Work, Changing Workplaces: How the Future of Work Affects us All
Your Brain on Change: The Keys to Unlocking its Resiliency Potential
From ROI to ROE: Return on Experience
Hey I’m Human: The Psychological Drivers for Engaging Employees
Back to Basics: What are our basic human needs and why we should be focussing on them now
How to build (and rebuild) collaboration and engagement in a time of large-scale remote work
Duality in Disruption: How to find the positive in even the most difficult times, and why it is so important that we do


AI and automation are changing the world and fundamentally shaping the future for work. Where does that leave the humans? In this keynote, Monica explains how to shift the discussion away from hard skills to soft skills. Explore science and the soul of the very things that make us human. Learn how to embrace and develop your soft skills.

The future isn’t fixed and the rate of change means we must become more adaptable and resilient than ever. In this dynamic talk, change strategist Monica Parker explains how to prepare for the future. Learn how to remain relevant and competitive. Learn the key elements of creating a compelling workplace culture of the future.

Climate change. Regime change. Social change. All change. The world today is changing with inspiring and terrifying rapidity. In this keynote, Monica takes her audience through the emerging science of change to better understand how to manage and manifest our maximum change capacity. Understand how advances in neuroscience are allowing us to better understand the biology and psychology behind change resistance Learn new and effective ways to rewire your brain for greater resiliency.

Businesses understand the need for a clear ROI, or return on investment, but what about the less measurable but no less important experiential factors of a business culture? Learn how to measure any important factors of your business culture. Learn how engagement, emotion and experience make cultures compelling.

The future of work will not look like it does today, nor will the future of recruiting. If businesses want to retain talent they have to shift from thinking in terms of hiring for a job to hiring for cultural fit and skills clusters. In this energetic presentation, Monica Parker takes you through the disruptors to business. You will learn the key attributes candidates are looking for in their next role, and the one quality you should be looking for in them.

Our world has been turned upside-down. Assumptions about how and where we work, what we can expect from our government and how we are connected to each other have raised new questions about our place in the world and what the new normal – if there ever is a new normal again – will be. With so much change, what actually stays the same? Based on academic research and an accompanying whitepaper, Monica Parker will take participants through a fascinating journey of humanity’s basic human needs, what we need to flourish, and how business leaders, communities and workplaces can enhance these in the future – whatever the future may hold. · Learn the science behind our basic human needs, and why humans will always seek these, regardless of disruption · Actionable advice on how to weave basic human needs into your workplace, leadership style and hiring practices

Since the 1970’s, Management by Walking Around (MBWA) has been seen as a primary mechanism for connecting with teams. But how do you ‘walk around’ a virtual team? And how do you keep a sense of connectedness and organisational culture when people aren’t co-located. Now that people will be working remotely, in some form or fashion, for the foreseeable future, its time for leaders to move beyond the technical aspects of remote work to the cultural. In this energetic presentation, Monica Parker guides participants through ways to build and reinforce collaboration, engagement and culture in a time of remote working. · Learn how remote working impacts team cohesion, how your leadership style needs to shift, and the single most important thing you should be looking for and encouraging in your business today · Practical tools to virtually connect and collaborate in a more effective way and reinforce culture in remote teams

Our brains are hardwired to resist disruption. We seek consistency because it soothes us and makes it easier for our brains to process information. But what happens when massive change is out of our control? Our brains immediately notice the dangers and differences in order to keep us safe, and this creates anxiety and low performance. There is a way to hack this feature of our minds, however, and find a more positive and effective way through disruption. In this scientifically grounded and yet inspiring session, Monica Parker illustrates the way our brain manage change and how we can shift our mental gears to a new way of thinking that harnesses, rather than resists disruption.

· Learn about our brains on change, how to ramp up neuroplasticity for better resiliency and how to reframe the negative aspects of existential change

· Brain hacks to start using today to better manage disruption and actually take advantage of the opportunities inherent in change

Bio note

Monica brings to the table a vast knowledge of navigating and communicating organisational change. An international speaker and presenter, she is a regular blogger for the Huffington Post and has appeared on BBC Worldwide as an authority on workplace strategy. Beginning her career as a museum exhibition designer for the Wolfsonian in Miami Beach, she has a solid foundational knowledge of people-centred design. Her work as a homicide investigator defending death row inmates for Florida’s Department of Justice brought her a more intimate appreciation of the impact of environment on mental health and behaviour. Monica studied design at the University of Miami and received her MSc (Distinction) in Sustainable Management from Queens University Belfast with a specialism in using data analytics and social science in predictive behaviour.


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