Mok O’Keeffe

Innovation Expert, Founder of The Innovation Beehive

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Bio note

Founder of The Innovation Beehive and an expert on organisations, people and innovation. He has worked in numerous roles at Boots, Harrods and was European HRD Director for Yum! Restaurants International before joining the world of innovation consulting and running practices in London and New York. Since founding the company, he has worked with clients including BP, TrustFord, Centrica, Hearst Magazines, Shell Petroleum, Google and Egon Zehnder. MOK is HR Director (voluntary) and Board Vice Chair at Islington Arts Factory in London which provides artistic education to disadvantaged youth. He is also a Trustee of the Barn Theatre Project in Cirencester, which works to develop performance skills in young people. MOK is a Fellow of St George’s House, Windsor Castle. This society exists to share insights and wisdom within a global leadership population.

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