Michal Hemmo - Lotem

Michal Hemmo  Lotem

Medtech & Management Expert, Founder of Osheya, VP Innovation at CureFacts

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Future of Health
Future of Medicine
Leadership in an Exponential World
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We live in an age of unimaginable acceleration, which, along with social change, brings about a profound change in medicine. New medicine is transforming from frontal to digital, from population-based to custom, slow to fast, from hospital-based to home-based. The lecture will present a huge change in the paradigm in medicine, describing its origins – digital medicine, and at the same time a tsunami of deep technologies that combine to create innovative solutions. For example 3D photography that allows prostheses and aids to be created, and bioprinting – a biological 3D photo that presents a future possibility of resolving organ distress for implantation and graft rejection problems; Stem Cells; Robots, skimmers and autonomous cars; Molecular and Nanomedicine; The Human Genome Revolution, from Genome sequencing through DNA Editing Using CRISPR cas9 to Full Life Synthesis; Massive information creation and new sources of information, for example, from social networks, or longitudinal information gathered from wearables, artificial intelligence – AI, used to decode imaging, slides of pathology, skin lesions, retina, cervical lesions and more.

We live in the age of the fourth industrial revolution – the digital and technological revolution. It is a complex and fast-paced world that requires a rethinking of all rules and conceptions, including management and leadership. To lead organizations, teams, and employees to success in this accelerating new world, we must manage in a different way: to create shared value, to focus on people and their relationships, on value-added innovation, and on the basic work unit – the team. Drawing on her rich personal experience in establishing and managing leading teams and organizations in Israel, and on her latest books and articles on the subject, Dr. Hemmo Lotem explores in depth how managers who take championships in the New Age work; what are the conditions for establishing an effective team and the characteristics of a winning team; From the workplace, and how to bridge the various desires; how to strengthen an organization and a team, to consolidate and solve the crises that emerge there, and to mobilize the management forces, employees, customers, suppliers, entrepreneurs and partners – to succeed in the new world.

Bio note

Dr. Hemmo Lotem is a pediatrician and health futurist, strategic advisor and the founder of Osheya – Woman Lead Health. As an expert in medical innovation Dr. Hemmo mentors entrepreneurs, and also serves as vice president of innovation at CureFacts. She was awarded one of the 10 most influencing woman in Israel. A graduate of exponential Medicine at Singularity University and 2 other prestige leadership programs, with 25 years of experience as an entrepreneur @ manager:​ Served as the Vice President for Innovation at the Sheba Medical Center Fund.​ The founder and CEO of HILI Ventures – working with Impact investors.​ The founder and CEO of JDC Institute for Leadership and Governance @ Head of the Philantropy Division in JDC.​ The founder and CEO of BETEREM – Safe-Kids. For her work she received numerous awards, ie from Prime Minister for exceptional contribution to the children of Israel.​ Dr. Hemmo Lotem is also an expert in Leadership and Management, a top Lecturer and an author on these topics.​

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