Luis Rey

Luis Rey

Chemist, Exponential Education Specialist, Head of Sevilla International College
San Francisco de Paula, Board Member of the Royal Symphony Orchestra of Sevilla

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Education In Exponential Times   


The future of humanity will be radically different than what we see today. But is our youth prepared to live in such a world? Are we equipping them with the skills and values necessary to be adaptable, innovative, and purpose-driven in such a world? Our traditional, industrial-era educational models are simply outdated. What is required is not an incremental change in education, but rather an entire overhaul of the current system. It will take creative imagination to develop new models for 21st-century education. This is where innovators in education like Dr. Luis Rey will come into the picture. In his groundbreaking speech, he will shed a light on the new education from a point of view of youth and the future expectations that an exponential evolution holds.

Bio note

Dr. Luis Rey is the Head of Sevilla International College San Francisco de Paula – a position that he has held since 1997. He’s also the Founder and Legal Representative of Camaleón Media, S. L. (2001-2004), producer of the exhibition ‘Itálica Virtual’ in the Spanish National Archeology Museum (Madrid) and the Sevilla Provincial Archeology Museum. He has joined as a board member at the Royal Symphony Orchestra of Sevilla (since 2019). He has a “cum laude” doctorate in Chemical Sciences from the University of Bologna (1996) and the University of Seville (1998). He also has a Degree in Chemistry from the University of Seville. Now, he’s a Teacher of Physics and Chemistry since 1990. He believes that educating is building the future – together. As well, that each person has qualities to develop and to achieve a fulfill and happy life by underlining what we as people have in common. And by approaching openly and honestly to know what distinguish people to advance towards richer and collaborative world. For Dr. Luis, education must meet the needs of each individual, applying neuroscientific and pedagogical progress, as well as the most advanced resources, to achieve maximum efficiency. Dr. Luis has held many positions as an advisor and volunteer. He was a Producer of the Singularity Summit Spain that took place in 2015, as well from 2015-2019 he was an Ambassador to the SingularityU Sevilla Chapter. He has published numerous articles and received various awards and distinctions. In 2006, he received the Young Entrepreneur of Seville award; in 2010 he was awarded the Order of the Star of Italian Solidarity and in 2003 he was appointed Knight of the Order of the Academic Palms of France. Dr. Luis Rey is a world class educator and a trusted adviser. He’s passionate about education, music, books and travel. He speaks English, Italian and French.

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