Ian Sanders 

Ian Sanders

Getting teams and individuals energised about doing their best work.
Creative consultant, storyteller, author, coach.

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Speaking topics

How organisations can stay ahead in the future of work
How to have more good days at work/ Fuelling Your Best Work
The power of storytelling
Emotional well being/ cultivating emotional intelligence in the workplace
How to be a startup of one/ how to design a freelance life so you win


It’s often a struggle for employers to find and retain the most skilled and innovative employees. What is the key to attracting and keeping talent? It’s to create people-friendly, human-centric organisations where the best employees will want to work (here is a link to an essay I wrote on this subject).

Fuelling Your Best Work is a game-changing session that gets teams thinking about what they need in order to do their best work. This session opens participants’ eyes to fresh ideas and approaches. It shines a light on the habits and behaviours to help you be more creative and energised at work. (More here https://www.iansanders.com/fuellingyourbestwork).

Storytelling is an incredibly persuasive tool that builds strong emotional connections with your target audience. Stories can power the development of your organisation or team. This Power of Story session gives your team the knowledge of how to use stories for internal and external purposes (more here https://www.iansanders.com/the-power-of-story) 

The world of work has changed greatly over the last twenty years. Emotional intelligence is now a requirement for all good leaders who want to engage and motivate their teams. Emotional well being at work really matters. The promotion of good mental health is not simply a ‘nice-to-have’ – it’s a vital element of creating happy and productive teams, and to retain good people (here’s a link to my expertise on this subject). 

More and more people are choosing to work for themselves. But when you work for yourself there is no employee handbook, you have to figure it out for yourself. Ian Sanders is a veteran of working for himself – with 20 years freelance experience. In this talk he gives you a survival guide to help you on your journey. He’ll take your hand and guide your leap. Give you the confidence to land on two feet. Here he shares with you everything he’s learned to help you forge your own path into a successful future Startup of One.

Bio note

vIan Sanders is on a mission to get people fired-up to do their best work. Through workshops, presentations and one-to-one sessions, Ian brings his passion for doing things differently, creatively and energetically to inspire and engage others, whether that’s for organisations, teams or individuals. He’s run sessions for organisations that include The BBC, Microsoft, Thomas Cook Money, The Development Bank of Wales, The European Court of Auditors and Tektronix. The author of four books on work and business, Ian has been a regular contributor on work and entrepreneurship to The Financial Times. He’s spoken at events ranging from South By South West Interactive in Austin Texas to The Do Lectures in Wales.


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