Heidi Forbes Öste

Heidi Forbes Öste

Digital Wellbeing & Ethics Advisor, Bestselling Author,
International Speaker, Host of Evolving Digital Self podcast

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Leadership In The New Social Paridgm 
Digital Wellbeing for a Better Tomorrow 
Evolving the Human Connection with Technology in the Digital Era 
The Art of Social Strategy 
Evolving Digital Self 


The impact of technology on our business and personal lives and how we engage with the world. Explore our potential impact. Value add for Audience: She provides a fresh perspective on a growing challenge that impacts everyone from individuals to families to organizations and countries. 

From Digitally Averse to Digital Addict, how our relationship with technology impacts our ability to evolve with it. Value add for Audience: Explore the behavior science behind how we evolve with tech rather than be consumed by it.

Finding peace through conscious use of technology. Creating partnerships with technology that enhance your life & work as well as your wellbeing. Value add for audience: Build awareness of your tech use; the benefits, the risks and how to choose the best solution for a harmonious relationship with your tech.

Building and maintaining mutually beneficial and effective relationships in the digital age requires new skills and perspectives. Creating the optimal social strategy for leadership is key to success. Value add for the Audience: Understanding the critical steps of how why and where to engage with an authentic voice in high value areas for building trust and boosting productivity.  

Overwhelm increasingly results in lost productivity in leadership when clients and teams 24/7 digital access. Harness technology to support rather than rule you. Value add for the Audience: Learn how to set up systems that free up your time for high value actions, including rest.

Bio note

Dr. Heidi Forbes Öste is a behavioral scientist, author of best-selling Digital Self Mastery series and Executive Producer of Evolving Digital Self podcast.  She combines 25 yrs experience in global social strategy consulting with her scholarly research in the human relationship with technology and her personal passion for wellbeing.  Her groundbreaking work provides a unique perspective on the how to survive and thrive in the digital era, integrating behavior science, wellbeing, and system thinking.  She is a passionate advocate for digital wellbeing as a key element for future proofing human and organization systems. She is an American born naturalized Swede, mother of teens raising them as global citizens that believe “Knowledge is Power, Sharing is Powerful.”


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