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Voice Expert, Content and Podcast Producer, Certified Business Coach (ICF)

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The evolution of interfaces – why will we talk to technology more and more?
Why will there be a smart speaker in every Polish home sooner or later? and why is it worth investing in #voice?
Chatbots and voice technologies. How can they be used in customer service? Advertising? Is it just a fad? Will they stay with us for longer?
Podcasts and audio content – a screen-free medium. 
› Podcast – a new way to interact with customers and talents.


What is a smart-speaker? What is its phenomenon? Why do people in the United States buy Alexa or Google Assistant more willingly than phones a few years ago? One thing is for sure, we’ll be talking to technology more and more over the next few years. The low touch economy is the result not only of the COVID-19 pandemic, but above all of the development of conversational interfaces. Just like a few years ago, people talked about the coming year of mobile, now – when smartspeakers have made their home with us for good – we need to think about what to do next, and before we start using Neuralink, which was introduced by Elon Musk – we have a decade of talking to technology.


Alexa – set the timer. Alexa – turn on the light. OK, Google – what’s the weather like today. This is just the beginning. Conversational interfaces and voice assistants will be in most businesses in a moment. Automotive? Mercedes and BMW already have their own assistants on board. Customer Service Center? People are more likely to talk about money with a bot than with a consultant. Education? Children intuitively choose the voice interface – because it is simply the most convenient. Seniors? We are witnessing the development of a new category of business, the so-called social robots.


It is worth considering how to use technologies for your business. Before everyone is there.

More and more often we see brands that decide to use podcasts in their communication strategy. How to get it right? Should you look at the number of plays? Is it worth recording conversations with interesting people? Can podcasts sell? Let’s talk about the realities – about how podcasts can be used in a modern brand communication strategy.

Bio note

Conversational AI expert. Honored with the Top Leader in #voice tech award by the American portal (


Passionate about new technologies and voice assistants. Founder of The Podcast Makers (, a boutique podcast production agency.


For two seasons he has been producing and co-hosting #RozmowyFacebooka – an original podcast for Facebook in Poland. Co-founder of the global #VoiceLunch movement and the VoiceFest conference. Believes that community and education are the main drivers of the implementation of new technologies.


Certified Business Coach (ICF) and President of The VoiceLunch Foundation. Technical reviewer of the first book on voice interfaces translated into Polish, written by Cathy Pearl. Guest lecturer at universities and conferences. Known for his saying: “may the voice be with you”.


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