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Head Of Marketing and Applied Futurist at Update Beverage


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  • Corporate Innovation: “Future ForwardNavigating Exponential Change 
  • Artificial Intelligence: Creative Machines: How AI Is Changing The Way We Create”

    ALT – Creative Machines: How AI will build the Metaverse

  • The Metaverse: “Foundations of Web3 and the Metaverse”  
  • The Metaverse: “How The Metaverse Will Change Society 






In a world of accelerating change, disruption has become the new normal. In this talk, we explore how several organizations across different industries have created their own system for finding the signals of change and placed smart bets on where and how to innovate their way to more robust business models. We’ll employ strategic foresight and futurist toolsets to present-day challenges, giving attendees actionable insights they can apply immediately to their own workplace 



The technology that brought us Deepfakes is permanently reshaping the way we create content of all kinds – from movies and music to apps and websites. The idea of applying algorithms to manipulate or generate media isn’t new, but several advances in computer science have brought the technology out of the halls of academia and into the hands of anyone and everyone with a will to create. In this session, we’ll explore how synthetic media and computational design are inspiring all sorts of machine-assisted creativity and how it’s changing the overall creative process. We’ll get hands-on with some cutting-edge tools to demonstrate their power, show their impact on workflow, and see how they’ll power the future of new platforms like the Metaverse. 



The metaverse is more than video games, collectible NFTs and Bitcoin, but few seem to have a concrete definition of what it is. In this talk, we’ll explore the foundations of the Metaverse, how the evolution of the web is moving towards a more decentralized model and why that changes the way business will be done forever; from re-engineering the way non-profits work is done, to rewarding collaboration over competition, and how the Metaverse will change the way we do our jobs 



The next act of the internet will bring change more profound than the previous chapters combined. To navigate what’s ahead, we have to ask ourselves different questions  

What happens when parents are less concerned with screen time and instead debate the appropriate mix of real vs artificial friends for their children? 

How will we approach architecture, urban planning, and communal spaces when they’re primarily experienced with augmented visuals? What happens to the arts when creativity is driven by AI rather than simply assisted by it? 

We’ll explore these and several other questions illuminating how the emerging technology evolving behaviors and will shape society in new and surprising ways. 


Bio note


Ian began his marketing career by accident after programming a server to send messages from his college dorm room in 2008  and he’s been working with emerging technologies ever since.  

He’s led innovation projects for some of the world’s most forward-thinking brands including  Samsung, Intel, Coca-Cola, Google, Microsoft, and dozens of others.  


Ian is the Chief Futurist for Signal and Cipher, an agency grounded in strategic foresight and dedicated to helping brands navigate emerging platforms, like Web3, Blockchain, and the Metaverse. He is also the Head of Marketing and Futurist in Residence at Update Beverage where he applies the emerging technologies of tomorrow to build the world’s first Smart Energy Drink brand. 


Ian speaks internationally on the intersection of culture and technology and is seen on stage around the world at venues like SXSW, CES, Social Media Week, and TedX. 


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