Digital Priorities in a Never Normal World. Summary of HRevolution

Coronavirus has drastically changed our approach to work, it is often said that it is the most effective accelerator of digital transformation. Is there a recipe for becoming a game changer? What is the role of HR teams in digital transformation, and how have various organizations dealt with this challenge? Among other things, we covered these topics during the third edition of HRevolution, the theme of which was Digital Priorities in a Never Normal World.

What can we do to adapt to the upcoming changes? For the organization, the key issue will be the implementation of Employee Experience (EX), which will gradually replace Talent Management. The very experience in the workplace is extremely important and is associated with various factors, such as trust. Anna A. Tavis notes that they should be taken into account when planning HR, strategic and company-wide activities. It also encourages changes in HR indicators to reflect employee experiences.

The labor market will face further changes in the coming years. Among them, we will see the transition to project work, as well as the dissemination of remote and hybrid work systems. Dariusz Jemielniak notices that the new normality may stay with us for a whole decade. What will be important for employees is the support of mentors and trainers who will help to adapt to the pace and type of changes to come. It will also be important when changing the approach, because, in the face of ongoing changes, reacting, not planning, may bring greater effects. Błażej Jurewicz mentions it, introducing the concepts of VUCA and Top-Team.

Our competences evolve along with the ongoing changes. Maria Belka mentions that in the coming years, life-long learning, specialization and interdisciplinarity will be important, as well as new skills – tech disruptive skills – which will allow us to change the business and labor market.

During the second part of the conference, we learned how to become a game changer. We started it with an intense discussion about the role of leadership and digital competences in building a culture of a future-oriented organization. John Guziak notices that many things have been reevaluated and the concept of work needs to be redefined. During the discussion panel, John Guziak, Rafał Mrówka, Piotr Smoleń and Grażyna Rzehak provided us with a solid portion of knowledge and allowed us to look at the changes in recent years and digital culture.

In this part, we also learned about the practices of various companies in the face of upcoming changes and the characteristics of future leaders, and we heard a bit about the 4E approach, i.e. elasticity, emotion, empowerment and ethics, as well as the use of Experience Journey, through which we were led by Sylwia Górska-Przytulska. Przemysław Szuder, on the example of Aviva practices, told us about how the organizational culture made the company react quickly to changes in the market.

During the third part of HRevolution, we got to know the perspective of both large organizations and startups. Our panelists introduced it to us: Maciej Noga, Julia Kiełbasiewicz-Zarębska, Maciej Czerwonka, Szymon Pruszyński, Bartłomiej Nowak and Adrian Witkowski. We learned how important the role of HR teams is in digital transformation. Thanks to Oren Yerushalmi Rosenbaum, we also learned a number of good practices related to the adaptation of offices to the new requirements of pandemic reality, the need to maintain a distance and cooperate at the same time.

Josh Bersin drew our attention to one more important aspect – the change intensified the integration of life and work, and together with it, we paid more attention to optimization, productivity and flexibility. At the moment, we don’t know much about the future, but what we are sure of is that the future of work is remote, distributed and hybrid. It is also empathetic, goal-oriented and people-oriented.

We would like to thank the Participants, Speakers and Partners for being with us!

We are happy with a huge portion of knowledge, active participation and support from Partners –  MicrosoftAccentureHibobLeanpassionDeloitte, as well as Media Patrons –  Personel PlusDream EmployerBriefMJCCFocusFocus CoachingMy Company Polska.

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