Edward Stanoch

Edward Stanoch

International Strategy & HR Executive Consultant, Co-founder of nuChapter,
ExO Certified Consultant and Sprint Method Coach

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Speaking topics

Towards Exponential Growth – Attributes of the Exponential Organizations    
Massive Transformative Purpose – Identifying the True North of your company  
Managing stress and vital energy in VUCA reality – Human-Centric Organizations  
Driving the Strategic Innovation – ExO Sprint method  


Exponential Organizations are not science fiction movies. They are real entities that managed to find in the new reality and develop exponentially in response to contemporary socio-economic problems and global challenges. They effectively use unique organizational attributes and develop agile ecosystems around them that support creating value. As part of the lecture, you will learn, among others: what are the development directions of today’s organizations and their cultures in the era of digital transformation and disruption coming from the new technologies.  What are new management paradigms, what characterizes and distinguishes exponential organizations, how such organizations define business models, how they are organized, and how they continuously experiment to leverage the potential of new technologies?

The pace of external changes accelerates along with technological progress in many areas of our lives. For many companies operating based on traditional business models, this creates a massive threat to their future. Despite the need for change declared by their leaders, such organizations’ internal immune system slows down or even eliminates innovative actions that can violate the status quo. Supplemented by the ambiguity of the authentic meaning of the organization’s existence and its purpose, it limits the ability to use the potential and driving force of human capital and new technologies. The starting point for any organizational transformation is the confirmation of its Massive Transformative Purpose (MTP), which will provide engaging navigation in times of uncertainty. As part of the lecture, participants will have the opportunity to learn examples and practical aspects of defining MTP for their company.

“Disrupt or be disrupted”. In any organization, its innovation and execution potential will determine its future and sustainability in the disrupted markets.  Organizations must block their internal immune system, which limits or kills innovation, to transform and use new technologies successfully. As part of the lecture, participants will learn practicalities of the ExO Sprint method of creating, experimenting, and testing innovative ideas supporting the company’s core business, but also going beyond the current spectrum of the company’s activities – towards the Edge and new business horizons. Discover how ten weeks can accelerate the transformation of your business. 

In times of uncertainty, leadership resistance and vitality are becoming increasingly essential to cope with constant change, disruption, and external and internal pressure. Mindfulness, the ability to concentrate and to cope with stress will determine the quality and effectiveness of leadership in VUCA times. Keeping the right balance between stress and regeneration has an impact on our productivity, engagement, and creativity. It is worth taking care of your vitality to cope with the 21st century’s challenges effectively, and the human-centric approach should be a corner store of any transformation. As part of the lecture, participants will be able to see the latest research results on the vitality of leaders and be inspired to change their habits. 

Bio note

He has almost 24 years of experience in business consulting and management gained when working for Bossard Consultants, Gemini Consulting, Cap Gemini and leading own consulting practice. 15 years he worked in Hewitt Associates, then Aon Hewitt, where in 2005 he became the Managing Director and the Member of the Board responsible for development of the Polish market. He successfully managed the companys transformation by increasing its income seven times and improving significantly the profitability of the company, mainly due to the launch of The Best Employer” program that uses comprehensive methodology to recognize best organizations e.g. based on employees’ engagement. As a Partner at Aon Hewitt, he also developed the European Practice Talent” while leading the advisory and analytical team in the UK, Germany and Central and Eastern Europe for 4 years. 

He is a long-term acclaimed lecturer of strategic management in the EMBA of the Business School in the Warsaw University of Technology. He is also a mentor of the MIT Enterprise Forum Poland program for start-ups in the Health” category, where he helps in the scope of formulating and implementing the strategy of the company development and measuring its progress. Recently he co-founded nuChapter – the company which offers a unique on the Polish market lifestyle assessment using advanced technology and algorithms to measure the heartbeat. Its mission is to inspire people to change their habits in order to improve the quality of their lives and to work on their personal effectiveness.  

He is a graduate of the University of Economy in Poznań and many prestigious leadership development programs such as MIT, Singularity University, Harvard Business School, Cornell University, INSEAD, London School of Economics. Certified consultant of Exponential Organizations and ExO Sprint methodology. He is an enthusiast of new technologies in medicine. For many years he has been a close business partner of the owners and the Board of Adamed, he is also an independent member of the Board of Silvernedia S. A. – the company dependent of Adamed, which develops the informative technology in the field of telemedicine. He promotes wellbeing and also a passionate of triathlon, polar expeditions and minimalist travelling.  


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