Speaking topics

Digital Transformation
Blockchain – Ecosystems and Economic Layers
Internet of Things, 5G Wireless (Next Generation Connectivity) and Smart Cities and Smart Transportation and Mobility
InsurTech and Fintech Digital Transformation and Evolution as a result of changing needs and Milineals
Careers and Education in Engineering and Critical Thinking and Problem Solving (Topic of Cristina’s TEDx ‘Just Solve It’)
Open Banking
European Payment Services Directive (PSD2)


Financial Services are being transformed by technology and data, creating new opportunities to serve customers and businesses more effectively.  Changing market needs are driving the evolution of business models which are powered by ecosystems where both incumbents and FinTechs play critical roles in serving new markets cost effectively and efficiently.  Customers are also transforming with different needs and they are demanding new ways of engaging digitally.  This speech will provide an in-depth overview of the Global Open Banking drivers and the various types of financial services being created to serve new markets and growing customer needs. Evaluation of Open Banking solutions that are transforming digital experiences by enabling third parties to develop compelling value propositions while leveraging access to bank resources and putting the customer more in control. Exploration of use cases that are evolving across many different industries to provide insights on the breadth of solutions and business models being powered by data, AI and blockchain.  As financial regulation has been evolving globally, fueled by hyper-innovation, entrepreneurs and businesses need to understand the fundamentals that are powering so many new initiatives. 

Bio note

Cristina Dolan is the co-founder and COO iHuddl, a financial marketplace that mobilizes collective buying power to provide access to investment products and services. She was Co-founder and COO of iXledger (formerly InsureX Technologies), an alternative blockchain marketplace for insurance with an economic layer enabled through utility tokens. As the founder of InsideChains, she has worked with fintech, InsurTech, HealthTech, cyber risk, auto, energy and mobility organizations to digitally transform business models through data, AI and blockchain ecosystems that offer members greater visibility, richer data and new business models.  In addition, she is on the founding team of Additum, which is implementing value-based healthcare solutions in Europe. 

In the early days of the Internet, MIT Media Lab alumna, Engineer and Computer Scientist, Cristina Dolan, co-founded OneMain.com, which grew to be the tenth largest ISP after a successful IPO. At OneMain, Cristina served as the provider’s Geographic Communities Division President and Chief Strategic Alliances Officer. In only five months, she conceived and built the OneMain cornerstone, Geographic Communities, into a profitable business. At its launch, the company’s IPO became the largest Internet public offering at its time, surpassing Amazon’s and eBay’s respective IPOs. 


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