Arash Aazami

Arash Aazami

Arash Aazami is a pioneer in Energy Innovation Powered by AI & Blockchain, Founder&Director of,
Founder of think tank Kamangir, Faculty Member at SingularityU The Netherlands

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Dealing With Crisis: Losing Everything Is The Perfect Opportunity To Win Anything 
Rethinking Economy: Not Money, But Energy Makes The World Go Round 
 Energy: How Energy is The Next Internet 


Is energy more important than money in our economy? Should we use less, or more energy? Will we all be energy suppliers? Are renewable resources already secretly leading the entire energy game? Will energy be free one day? “I never looked at energy this way, this talk really changed my view” is a common reaction after hearing this talk by Arash, during which you will get an insight in the current state of energy, enriched with surprising perspectives on technology, markets, geopolitics, as well as a clear image of the future, the Internet of Energy: distributed, digitalized, democratized, demonetized.

Once we zoom out of our daily realities we realize that not money, but matter and energy make the world go round. Economic growth is merely a virtual truth, a human construct. But can we find a way for economic growth that is aligned with the eternal laws of nature? During this keynote you hear a fascinating and solid, fact-based view on energy as the true currency behind our economy and society. Also, Arash explains how today’s technologies –artificial intelligence, IoT, blockchain- finally make it possible for every human being to become independent from the banking system, by becoming renewable energy prosumers. A mind-shifting talk filled with vision and realism that inspires the audience to ask the big questions and make the big change.

As an entrepreneur and a family man who failed at least as many times as he was successful Arash shares his stories of how losing everything was the best opportunity to win anything. The biggest crises –losing his business more than once, his marriage, his health, his home- helped him change his view on the world, recognize opportunities, and turn them into new realities. His firm belief that every crisis is here to provide opportunities inspires his audience to do the same.

Bio note

Arash Aazami (1977) may well be described as a renaissance-man. A futurist, inventor, thinker, musician and entrepreneur. Of European and Middle-Eastern descent, growing up in Africa, he entrepreneured in music, online tech and energy. Over the years Arash has developed an uncanny ability to deal with crises and recognize the opportunities hidden within, as well as act upon them. 

In 2010 he founded the world’s first energy company that earns more as it sells less energy. His business model was awarded by MIT in 2014. Since 2015 he works on the establishment of the Internet of Energy to connect every human being to abundant renewable resources. Arash is now founder and director of, developing a global energy exchange platform to support an “Internet of Energy”, enabling users world-wide to “download as well as upload” energy from abundant renewable resources, democratizing access to clean, renewable energy. 

Arash Aazami is founder of think tank Kamangir, pioneering in energy innovation, powered by technologies like blockchain and AI. Besides his work for, Arash is a faculty member at SingularityU The Netherlands. He also is a mentor of social entrepreneurship at INSEAD Business School in Paris and he advises the European Commission and the Dutch government on long term strategies for energy and digitization. As a speaker Arash connects deeply with his audience, large or small, bringing hope and action. His unique ideas and examples inspire all to build the future together. His sense of purpose sparks his audience to act. His motto: 


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