Anindya Ghose

Anindya Ghose

Mobile Economy Expert, Director of the Center for Business Analytics at NYU Stern

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How Will Blockchain Change The Future of Marketing
Turn Artificial Intelligence into Innovation 
No Time Like the Present: Go Digital 
How to Win in the Mobile Economy 
The Future of Retail: Winning the Digital Transition 


Blockchain can make data-driven marketing more transparent by validating and analyzing every consumer’s journey through verified ad delivery, confirming that a real person saw the ad as per the specifics of a media contract. Marketers will able to control how their assets are delivered by monitoring exactly where their ads are being placed, alleviating ad fraud from automated bots by ensuring that real followers and consumers are engaging with their ads, and ensuring proper ad engagement tracking that will lead to more precise digital attribution. The advent of blockchain technology also offers tremendous potential for giving consumers a transparent look at how their data has been used by marketers and advertisers. This will likely give rise to markets for consumer data that will not only give users a transparent look at how their data has been used by advertisers, but will also give them more control over how their data should be used. 

You’ve got data. So what? Everyone has data. The question is: How are you going to turn that data into innovation? The solution is through Artificial Intelligence. AI lives at the intersection of business and technology, deeply embedded in a culture of data and analytics. As a strategic asset, AI offers many organizations a differentiator and a competitive advantage. How should organizations be thinking about data-driven decision-making using AI? When do firms need it and when can they do without it? Ghose helps you navigate the complicated and the unknown world of AI and data analysis, from culture to strategy to new business opportunities. 

How are you thinking about digital marketing? What are the challenges you face? How do you decide which resources to invest? Anindya Ghose answers these questions and shares best practices for digital marketing, from top-level strategy to analytics-oriented tools and how they can improve your organization from the ground up. Thriving in today’s digital-centric environment requires understanding the current mega-trends of digital disruption. Based on your needs, this presentation can be customized to focus on the creation and execution of your organization’s comprehensive digital marketing plan. 

The mobile economy is at a global tipping point – mobile is the future of business and that future is here. Anindya Ghose is helping corporations globally, both better understand and capitalize on the game-changing power of mobility. Drawing from his award-winning and best selling book, TAP: Unlocking the Mobile Economy (2017, now translated into multiple languages), Professor Ghose will empower leaders to tap into the nine forces shaping the mobile economy. Ghose discusses why it is time to seize the opportunities created by the global prevalence and dependence on smartphones. His insights empower readers to tap into nine forces shaping the mobile economy, resolve consumer behavioral contradictions and delight consumers all at the same time with a mobile strategy. Whether marketing products or services in telecom, retail, banking, e-commerce, healthcare, manufacturing, or hospitality, Ghose expands audience’s current understanding of how mobile is shaping the digital economy and prepares them for its future.

The future of retail is incredibly bright, but we are only at the beginning of the big shift that comes with mobile digital connectivity. Massive technological disruptions, tied to major changes in consumer behavior, are altering the rules of the retail space. As consumers spend more time shopping on their mobile devices, they will come to expect a seamless experience between digital and in-person. Brick-and-mortar businesses have a huge opportunity to incorporate mobile to carve out a valuable space for themselves, even in the face of the growth of subscription-based platforms. Don’t get left behind. 

Bio note

Anindya Ghose is considered the world’s top expert on the mobile economy, which is rapidly emerging as one of the biggest business differentiators of the near future. Since the early beginnings of mobile technology, the influential NYU professor has been pioneering research to better understand how companies can turn mobile data into increased customer value. Ghose is the Director of the Center for Business Analytics at NYU Stern, a Professor of Information, Operations and Management Sciences, and a Professor of Marketing at New York University’s Leonard N. Stern School of Business. His research focuses on how companies can get closer to customers by harnessing mobile data – regarding customers’ geographic locations, contextual information, and other important environmental factors – and then use that information to effectively market in real time to the benefit of both customers and businesses. His expertise extends to mobile commerce, mobile social networks, crowdfunding, product search engines, and online markets. Ghose has conducted extensive research on what works and what doesn’t in mobile marketing across North America, East Asia, and Europe. His insights and advice have been sought by Apple, Facebook, Samsung, and IBM as well as many other global Internet, technology, telecommunications, financial services and media firms. He is ranked by Thinkers50s as one of the world’s “Top 30 Management Thinkers”, by Analytics Week as one of the “Top 200 Thought Leaders in Big Data and Business Analytics”, and is the youngest recipient of the prestigious INFORMS ISS Distinguished Fellow Award. Ghose’s research has received 16 best paper awards and nominations, including accolades from Google, Microsoft, and Adobe. His award-winning book, TAP: Unlocking the Mobile Economy, has been called “the definitive guide” to harnessing the emerging opportunities in the $3-trillion-and-growing mobile economy. Ghose has spoken at over 200 international events, and taught MBA, undergraduate, and executive-education level courses in the US, India, China, and South Korea.


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